Day 16 - Arugam Bay, Tangalle

Happy New Year!
This day we woke up at 05.00AM, we had decided to leave the wonderful life in Arugam Bay and go forward to Tangalle. We took a tuck tuck to pottuvile at 05:45AM and from there the 06:20AM bus, the ride was long, seats was good, music where too loud and the driver was crazy. We got to Tangalle at 12.30PM, sunshine and a nice beach.
We found the place Golden Surfers that J.P recommended, 1000rs/49SEK a night. Small bed, no mosquito-net, only a toilette with shower, no zink but everything was new at this place. We where lucky that we got this little room, all the others where fully booked and rooms at other places normally by Christmas and New Year costs about 2000rs/98SEK and up.
New Year's Eve? Not for us, we were so tired after a long day in the bus so we went to bed at 08:00PM and woke up just before 12:00PM but we were so tired that we quickly decided to stay in bed for a good and long sleep.

Day 15 - Arugam Bay

When the sun started shining today it was so hot in our follie. I'm feeling much better today and Ioannis did take the bicycle to the Elephant rock with J.P.  I stayed and had a good pineapple juice, so fresch with loads of taste. Today at the Samantha's Folly small kids in the age of 13 where changing the roofs on the follies.
Hard work for small boys, that would never happen in our home country, they where working for about 10h in the burning sun. When Ioannis and J.P came back from their bicycle trip they had a peacock egg with them, it was abandoned at the rocks. No nest or something, so they saved it from the varan and others animals. 

Day 14 - Arugam Bay

Today we just had another relaxing day, we did swim in the ocean one time. The waves are really ruff sometimes. When it's hot here at Arugam Bay, it's really hot, but we really love it.
After a good bath Emelie did some sunbathing in the afternoon. Today all of the people here where hangover and some where leaving Samanthas Folly. This day was the last day that we got to meet Rae and Juliet.
We really recommend this place if you are searching for a relaxing stay and good staff in Arugam Bay. They are great!  We have been lucky with the timing here, the weather, we made really good friends and loads of good memories. Its low season here now, so the price for a follie is 1000Rs/50SEK.

photo cred to: - she have also posted a video from sri lanka, and we are in it! check out.
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