Day 20 - Unawatuna

This day we woke up from the heat in our room, it felt like a sauna. We sat on our balcony and after a while we searched for a place to eat some breakfast. We walked in Unawatuna for 10 min and found a place where they had Rooty, but the rootys there where not fresh and they where small, it was 240rs/12SEK for one sweet rooty with pineapple and chocolate. When we had finished our rooty we did go to the bust-stand on the road.
We took the bus to Habaraduwa and we went to a place where they had a small Sea Turtle Hatchery "Silver Green" (Adress: Matara Rd, Habaraduwa). The entrance was 400rs/20SEK each there. We did see some really cute sea turtle baby's, some older sea turtles and also some turtles that where rescued from the ocean that they keep for some days, one turtle had lost one fen and had loads of air in his shell so he was really swollen.
At that place they also had a sand box where they had loads of turtle eggs, different species and amount, from different days in the past 2 months. Here in Sri Lanka the Water Lily is the national flower and on the farm they had one in a pot, it was beautiful, we had to have a photo of it. We where at the turtle farm for a while and then we took the bus back to Unawatuna. On the way back to our room we did buy loads of fruits from a fruit stand on the main road of Unawatuna. The fruits we bought was red banana, guava, sweet passion fruit, litchi, coconut and another that we don't know the name of. All of the fruits cost us 950rs/50SEK. Then we headed back to our place in the rock house, then we ate some of the fruits. Unfortunately some of the fruits wasn't good, they where soft and almost to old.
After our fruity lunch we did go to the beach, had a cooling swim in the ocean and after about 20-30min we went home. Late in the afternoon we had a small siesta, sleeping 1h under the fan in our room. In the evening we walked to a small family restaurant, the food there wasn't so spicy so we where not so happy with it. We're maybe spoiled with the spices here in Sri Lanka. Often we get hot food with chili, curry, cumin, pepper, cinnamon and other spices that taste a lot. When we where full we did walk our 5min walk back to our place, there we sat on our balcony, enjoyed some fruit juice, some Sri Lankan sweets and chatting a bit.
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