Day 23 - Hikkaduwa

In the morning we ate a delicious breakfast at the home of the family we where staying with, a breakfast for two people costs 700rs/34SEK. After the breakfast we changed clothings into beach wear and took our hamocks to our lovely spot at the beach. We layed in the hamocks for a hour watching the kingfishers hunting for food and listening to the waves. Later our neighbour Elias said that there is a big hotel by the beach with a big pool where we can have a bath, since the waves are to high for a swim and currents are to strong. 
We walked for 10min on the beach and then we saw this really big place with shiny glas windows all the way up to the top and a really nice and relaxing pool area. First we grabbed something cold to drink and after that we went into the warm pool (heated of the sun). We had lunch and some hours later when the sun was on its way down we went home to Laly's homestay. In the night me and Ioannis had a dinner at the homestay again. Later Ioannis and Elias where talking about going out at the beach bars and after a day by the pool in this heat I where tired, so I went to sleep and the boys where having a great evening.

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