Day 24 - Hikkaduwa

This morning Emelie said to me that she wanted to go over to the beach side where there are no waves and the ocean is clear. So after some breakfast and relaxing in the hamocks by the quiet part of Hikkaduwa beach, we walked to the crowded end of Hikkaduwa. Where all of the turists are hanging out. It's beautiful here at some places but to crowded at some. We got to the lovely beach where we could have a swim and we stayed there for a cupple of hours, enjoying the hot weather, burning sun and the views. After some bathing and sunbathing we took our stuff and searched for a place with free wifi.
Did a walk for 5 min and then we spoted a seaturtle by the beach, so we went in the ocean again and had a bath with it for almost 30 min. Emelie was in heaven at that time and the seaturtle was a big one. We think that the weight was about 130kg, it was really friendly, eating some seagrass and watched us taking photos of it. When we have had a bath with it we went to a cafe with free wifi.
Sending messages to our familys and watching our blog comments (thanks for all of them!). We did also eat some really good choclate ice cream! After some cooling ice cream we went home and changed clothings. I took my hamock and relaxed on the beach, Emelie had a siesta. After some relaxing time we watched the sunset, it was beautiful. The first night that you could see the sun going down without clouds in the way. Lovely day in Hikkaduwa. 

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