Day 26 - Hikkaduwa

Today we were quiet lazy in the morning. Taking our time with ourselfs, Ioannis was fixing his flipflop that did broke yesterday when we where walking over the road. But it was imposible to fix, so he trew them away. By lunchtime we went by tuck-tuck to our favorite beach place. Had our last bath and swim in the ocean here in Sri Lanka. The weather this day was sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon. At the beach, we did meet our favorite friends, the turtles again! Three days in a row. We where so happy to meet all three of them this day, just being there in the ocean with wild sea turtles is awesome. After some quality time with the turtles, we walked to a place called Ritas resturant, where we did eat some ice cream and after an hour or so the rain started to fall, but we walked quickly back home and changed in to dry clothes. 

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