Day 9 - Ella, Arugam Bay

Merry Christmas to you all! ♥

God Jul till alla i våra familjer. Vi önskar att ni alla var här och firade jul med oss istället för hemma i kalla Sverige. Detta är verkligen något som alla måste uppleva i sitt liv. 
Today was our last day in Ella, I've longing for this day. Just because it's so cold here and I really want to go swimming in the ocean, sunbathing and relaxing by the beach. So we did check out from the guesthouse and walked to the streets of Ella.
Here in Sri Lanka there aren't many bus stands, you just stand by the road or street and wave to the bus that you will ride with. Some buses just goes twice a day some every half hour. 
So you can ask the place your staying at and also the locals to get the time. 
We took the bus around 10.00AM from Ella to Wellawaya, there we changed bus to Monaragala. When we got there we waited for 2h, there we eat dinner at a good restaurant called Pavilion. Then we got on the bus to Arugam bay, Pottuville. The journey over there took about 3h by bus, total about 6h.
When we got here it was cloudy and hot. We got a little folly to sleep in, it's so cosy to look at (also sleep in). The sea was so rough when we got here, and the rain started in the evening. We got some rain in our folly, but stoped after a while. 

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God Jul till er också det låter som om ni har det härligt

Svar: Absolut, vi ska inte klaga :)
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