Day 11 - Arugam Bay

Here at Arugam Bay we are so relaxed, just so lazy in the good weather, playing card games, eating, sleeping, some drink beers and some drink arrack. Emelie has a big cold, maby it's from Adams Peak when it was raining. She is dizzy, coughing alot, hot sometimes and freezing sometimes, though it is +30c.
I have had a small cold since the beginning, but it has not been like her cold. Me and J.P, that we met at Samantha's Folly went over to the Crocodile Rock and elephant rock this day, it was hot in the sun and I have got a small sunburn by walking. It was a nice walk, on the way we stoped and buy some Sri Lankan pastries and juice. This day Emelie rested three times and then went to bed early, it's hard to have a cold in this heat. I stayed up with the other guests and owners at this place, we where balancing on the slack line.