Day 13 - Arugam Bay

Early this morning, 06.00AM, Ioannis, J.P, Juliet and Suren went to the beach to meet up with the fishermen when they bring the first fresh fish in the morning. They wanted to buy a big fish for the BBQ in the evening. They got two fishes, almost 20kg of fish. Then they did the cleaning of the fishes. In the afternoon me, Ioannis, Juliet, Rae, J.P and Suren went with two tuck tucks to Pottuvile to buy something to have with the fish. We did buy loads of things, after the food market we went to a liqure store to buy some beer. After we had done all of the shopping we went back to Samantha's Folly, we did not do anything special in the afternoon. I had a siesta for 2h and then I was back on track. When I woke up the other ones was preparering the fish, vegetables, rise and sweet-potato mash, chuttney, another sauce and the coconut sambal. Everything tasted amazing and it cost 1000rs/49SEK each. After the dinner we all went out to the beach, at the beach they had a the Christmas tree of wood. The kids at Samathas Folly wanted to set fire on it that evening. It was really a cosy moment at the beach, all of the people from the BBQ where gathered around the tree. Lovely. When that was done I went to bed. Ioannis stayed up with all the others, I wanted to stay up but I was tired from the illness. They did play some drums, dancing and singing into late night. Thanx to everybody!