Day 18 - Tangalle

In the morning we went for a walk, walked to a temple by the road in Tangalle. After that we went to our favorite local restaurant for a meal. After the meal we bought ice cream that costs 25-55rs (1 to 3SEK), mango juice for 100rs/5SEK and a big cold water for 55rs/3SEK. Then we walked to the beach, we walked a long way and when we where outside our guesthouse we took a bath in the big waves. In the beginning it was fun with big waves, but after a while both me and Ioannis got dragged down in the strong currents. But when we came up to the surface again we where fine, but I was scared. So after that bath we did not go into the ocean again that day.

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Ni får vara försiktiga! Vågor är inte o leka med! Ser fantastiskt ut! Kram