Day 21 - Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa

This morning we said to each other that we have to go from Unawatuna, because there are too many tourists. The place is small, many people, calm beach with lots of touristic things. They had yet skies in the ocean, scuba diving and snorkeling boats on the beach, boats with see trough glas and loads of sunbeds, all this things that we don't want to see here in this small place. 
This place would be a paradise without all of this. So we got to a place near to our guesthouse, we dont know the name of it. But they had good coconut rooty for breakfast. Emelie had one with banana and chocolate, I had one with loads of fruits. After that we picked our stuff up, that where in the room. Checked out at 12.00, then we where staying in the outside lobby, where there was WIFI. Just blogging, checking our messages and connecting our parents back in Sweden. 
After two hours I could go and pic up the pants that I ordered from the old Sri Lankan lady on the road side. Paid the pants and got back to the place where Emelie was waiting. Then we grabbed our things and walked in the burning sun to the big road in Unawatuna, from there we wanted to grab a bus to Hikkaduwa (the Colombo bus), but the only buses that came was to Galle and from there we had to change to Hikkaduwa. 
We think that it's really easy to grab a bus here even if you don't know when they are coming. When we where riding the bus trough Galle we though that it was a really nice place, there where many things to see just by sitting in the bus, like the Galle Fort, Tempels, beach etc. The bus Galle to Hikkaduwa costs 40rs/2SEK each. When we came to the village before Hikkaduwa we jumped of the bus, thought that we where at the right place. Because our friend told us that we can come to a place called the bill cafe or something so they could help us with acommendation. 
We did not find the place, but the beach was beautiful. The beach was empty, palm trees was beautiful, blue sky, hot winds but unfortunately the ocean had strong waves. We where looking for a long time, but never found the place. So we said, we have to go into Hikkaduwa center. So we took the bus for almost 2km and then jumped of again, we where confused of where to go. Emelie said let's go to a place for some meal and wifi. 
The closest to us was a place called Hansa Surf. The food was OK, the view from the balcony that we sat on was beautiful. Looking at the sunset, surfers in the ocean and we where happy that we where in the right place. I was looking thru my messages just to see where we where and where to go, found it and we where out of there quickly. Then we started our walk back, towards the small village that we where at. 
After about 1,5km walk we found it! Our friends was there and they said that another guy that we met in Arugam bay was there, he was staying at another place close by. So I did left Emelie at the place with our backpacks and started a walk at the quiet beach, searching for Elias to se if there were one more room. 
I found him and they had one more room, they have 2 in total. We paid 1000rs/49SEK a night and its on the beachside. The place had a big bed, mosquito-net, fan over the bed, a closet, shared bath and they where cocking homemade Sri Lankan dishes. I went back to the place where Emelie was waiting and we took our things to the new place. 
We did fresh us up, change clothes and after that we went to the cafe again. At the cafe we did eat a small amount of BBQ, grilled fish, potato, sause, sallads and calamari. It was expensive because we did just have small amount of food, for 2000rs/98SEK. After some chatting with the guests we went to our place for some sleep. 

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