Day 22 - Hikkaduwa

This was the first morning in Hikkaduwa, we had some breakfast at the place we live at. It's a homestay called Lalys Homestay, with a mother and daughter, their father are working in an other city so he is not home so often. They are lovely, the mother are cocking really good food and they are friendly, happy and interested of our home country. After a good breakfast for about 700rs/35SEK, with some dahl curry (lentils), red rice, fried egg and some fresh yellow mango & ananas we did go to the beach. The waves are high and the current is strong here at the quitet end of Hikkaduwa beach, so we could not go for a bath in the ocean. If we have to take a bath we can go and sit down in the start of the water. But the waves brings loads of sand so you get very sandy. The climate is hot here and sometimes there are some cooling winds, but mostly warm weather.
For lunch we had some rice and curry, then you get rice on a plate and bowls of different currys. The curry we had at this place Kelash wasn't so good as the other once we have tried. After a meal we took a walk to the ATM, it was a long walk in flip flops but we got to see a different side of Hikkaduwa. We don't like the traffic here in Sri Lanka, everybody do the honking in different tones. That is really annoying! On the way back from the ATM Ioannis bought a flute and then we found a quiet and really nice beach, we decided that we have to take a swim there sometime. In the evening we were relaxing at the beach in our hammocks. 
After a long evening in the hammocks we decided to try the nightlife in Hikkaduwa, so before we got out we got to the liqueur shop to buy some arrack, one bottle 70cl cost 870Rs/43SEK. We got back to our place and were drinking arrack and coke with some friends before we got out, we went to a place on the beach to dance and have fun.

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