Day 28 - Colombo

We didn't sleep so well in these hotel beds. They look and feel amazing, but neither of us had a good night sleep. Maby the pillows was to high. We don't know. This day we had breakfast at Majestic City and after that we took the bus to a place called House Of Fashions, its a big mall with 6 floors of shopping.

On the top floor you can buy things for your home, next floor have things for kids and some sport things, next is the ladys floor, then comes the floor for the men, after that it is the cosmetic floor and after that one its the first floor with souvenirs.
We started on the top (great view up there) and walked down, it was a good way to start like that. Emelie found very nice clothes at this place, we also found presents for our familys. There were some things for the home that we liked, but it was to big for our backpacks.
After we've been to House Of Fashions we went to Majestic City again for some more shopping and then we ended the day on the hotel room with tv and snacks. 

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