Day 4 - Kandy, Pinnawella

We woke up many times during the first night in Kandy, we woke up to strong smells of cat and dove feces. It was so awful, we did light a incense but it did not help. In the morning when we where on our way from the Olde Empire to have some breakfast the owner told us that our room was double booked. So we had to pack all our stuff in to our backpacks again and leave the bags in the room, then the hotel owner would take the bags and put in a new room. 
We did not think that this was a nice thing at all, we where quite confused and disappointed at them. 
After we had done the packing we did go to KFC (yes, they have it in Sri Lanka to), there we eat a really good breakfast, and then we walked to the bus station to take the bus to Pinnawella. 
There they have the Elephant Orphanage, we got some time alone with an elephant. We did wash, feed and ride on it (not in a basket, it was bareback), the elephants there were so beautiful. The skin was fine, no scars or other marks, they also had really cute hair on their head. You could tell that they where in really good hands there. The Elephant that we got alone time with where 32 years old. Did you know that the Elephant trunk has over 100.000 muscles? Now you know. 
Directly after that we took the bus to Kandy and the Botanic Gardens. The entrance here was 1100rs/54SEK each. The sun where shining the hole day, we really enjoyed it. We got to see some really fine orchids in a orchid house there, the surroundings where beautiful. We did also see hundreds of fruit bats there, it was so cool and the sound from them where so intence. In the end of our 2 hours walk we got to see giant(!!) Australian trees and then we head home.
When we got back to the hotel the owner of the place showed us our new room, that where much nicer than the first room that was smelly. We ended our day with a dinner, a funny movie (yes, we did bring movies on the iPad) and we got a good night sleep. 

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