Day 7 - Ella

In the morning we woke up at 09.00AM, started our day with a big breakfast on the balcony. Watching the mountains and the tea bushes. We packed our things and walked to the center of Dalihouse, and there we took the bus to Hatton. From Hatton we took the train to Ella, the train took about 4h and we where sitting on the floor by the entrance. In Ella we found a really nice living for 2000Rs/98SEK a night. They only had 2 rooms in their guesthouse that's called Ella Guest Inn (on the police road). The owners was so kind, they had the best english and were happy all the time. The room was fresh and it was the nicest room so far, with hot water in the shower. But at this place there where no mosquito net.
We ordered some food for the evening and it tasted so good, we were so happy about the food that we almost forgot all of the pain in our legs and that it was freezing cold there.