Our movie from Sri Lanka

Our trip to Sri Lanka was lovely, rewarding and peaceful. We have been happy and we hope you will get the same feeling when you watch our video. We have collected 30 days in 9 minutes. Hope you like it and give us feedback on it, since its our first video ever. And to our new friends that we met, hope to see you guys soon again! Love. ♥

Our journey through Sri Lanka, 15th December 2013 - 14th January 2014. from Seperti on Vimeo.

Day 30 - Colombo

We had not slept so we were very tired when we got the call from the reception, they told us that it was time to leave and the van was waiting. Our last hours here in Sri Lanka was on the road and on the airport.
It took about 30 minutes to get to the airport with the a/c van on the highway and cost about 3100Rs/153SEK. When we got to the airport we walked a bit, watched some souvenirs and ate sandwiches. Then we check'd in, our flight to Dubai were we had our connection flight was at 02:00AM. We departed from Dubai at 08:30AM and had a nice flight home with Emirates, the view from the plane was amazing.
We almost forgot to tell you about all the souvenirs that we bought, we did buy loads of tea in pretty boxes from Ceylon but also black tea from the family at Laly's Homestay. Since we really love elephants we also bought that, and inscense sticks, a happy golden buddah statue and loads of magnets for our fridge.

This trip have been amazing, we have made many new friends in Sri Lanka and we can't wait to share more amazing photos with all of you! Hope that you have enjoyed our blog and Thanks for all the response we have got during this trip! 
We got home to Sweden at 04.00PM. Back to reality, to the cold and snow. We hope to get back to Sri Lanka soon.

' Sri Lanka with Ioannis and Emelie.

Day 29 - Colombo

This was our day two with shopping. We woke up at Hotel Sunshinel, took the bus to a store called Paradise Road were we found some really nice things for our home. One ganesh statue that cost 9000rs/442SEK, it was really nice! We wanted to bring it home, but... its to big.
Though the price where really good, at home it would cost us almost 2000SEK. We didn't buy anything at Paradise Road, because the things where to big or to heavy, and some of the things we can buy at home.
Then we walked on the same road as PR and found the store Cotton, were they have clothing for ladys, men and kids. Prices are good and there are alot to look at. After some shopping in Cotton we went to have a Ice Coffe, that Ice Coffe was so good! Ice Coffe cost 40rs/2SEK each. When we were done with our coffe we walked to a place called ODEL.
There they had beautiful clothings for women and men, the prices was really good there. Ioannis bought some awesome clothes. We also found some souvenirs there, that was not that expensive as in other stores. Inside ODEL they also had things for your home, candy (in between the clothes), a café, accesories, a jeweler, clothes for kids and a spa. When we were done with the shopping there we went back with the bus to our hotel. Left our things there and headed for Majestic City (the shopping mall), were we grabbed something to eat and look'd at some clothings and other things again. 

In the evening we went home, watched TV and relaxed in the bed. We couldn't sleep, because we knew that the following day our taxi leaves.