Our movie from Sri Lanka

Our trip to Sri Lanka was lovely, rewarding and peaceful. We have been happy and we hope you will get the same feeling when you watch our video. We have collected 30 days in 9 minutes. Hope you like it and give us feedback on it, since its our first video ever. And to our new friends that we met, hope to see you guys soon again! Love. ♥

Our journey through Sri Lanka, 15th December 2013 - 14th January 2014. from Seperti on Vimeo.

Day 27 - Hikkaduwa, Colombo

Today we had our alarm on half past eight. So we could have a early breakfast, our last one in Hikkaduwa. Had some breakfast, packed our bags, chatted with the family at Laly's Homestay, the mother in the house braided Emelies hair and after some photos together we said goodbye. We wanted to take the train to Colombo from Hikkaduwa, that costs about 230Rs/12SEK. But we got the info that small a/c buses from Hikkaduwa to Colombo costs about 270Rs/14SEK. So we thought that we could have that luxurys this day.
The bus took almost 4 hours. When we came to Colombo we jumped of in Bambalapitya and walked by the Galle Road to Shrubbery Garden rd. On that road there was three places to stay, two hotels and one guesthouse. We asked at the places how much they toke for two nights, looked at the rooms. The greenlands hotel was not good for 2500Rs/124SEK and the guesthouse was full. So we had to take Hotel Sunshine, that one was very good. For 5000Rs/278SEK a night we got hot water, television, a/c, roof fan and comfy beds, that was the first time on this trip that we had all of that luxury.
When we got the key to the room we did rest for a bit, then took a hot shower and later we did go for a food hunt. We where so hungry so we went down to the mall Majestic City and had a meal. In the basement of MC they had all kinds of resturants. 
How to find Laly's homestay (1000Rs/50SEK night) in Hikkaduwa:
I think it will be possible to find from the road soon, but at the moment there is no sign. If you jump of the bus in Thiranagama and walk on the beach towards Hikkaduwa town you will se a place were they sell coconuts on the beach as you can se in the picture bellow. This is where the beach is wide, not small.. like where the resturants are. 
If you walk up there and straight up in the "jungle" on a small road you will come to the homestay. If some one on the beach asks you where you are going dont tell them, if you meet the wrong person that person will say to the owners of the place that they should ern some %-Rs because they got guests because of that person. 
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Day 25 - Hikkaduwa

In the morning Emelie woke up at 05.00AM and said that she heard something that was eating from our cookies. We were listening for a while and it was true, she found a cockroach in our choclate bisquets. We didn't catch it, he disappeared quiet fast. In the morning.. or, almost lunch time we went to a resturant in Hikkaduwa to eat some breakfast. We had veggie nuddles, for dessert we had ice cream with fruits and we sat there for a while. In the afternoon we had the same lovely relaxing time as yesterday, went over to the beach place where there are no waves and had a good bath and swim.
After the bath we found some seaturtles and stayed with them for a while. Feeding them, petting them and just watching them, they are really cool. Maby the coolest wild animal we have seen in our lives. After a good swim and some quality time with the turtles we walked to a barbershop where Ioannis got a trim of his head and a old style shave of his face.
Then we took a famous tuck-tuck back to Laly's homestay for about 100Rs/5SEK. When we paid the driver he did not have any change, so he drove us to a mini shop where we bought some snacks and drinks. Our favorite drink here in Sri Lanka is a juice of Mango Nectar from the brand Kist. So after our shopping we could pay the driver and go home to our place. Below you can see photos of Lalys Homestay in Hikkaduwa, where we lived.

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